Acknowledgment "Nanorama Production"


The realization of the "Nanorama Production" was developed with the support of the BG RCI. The Innovation Society, St. Gallen would like to thank Dr Thomas H. Brock for his contribution to the development of the "Nanorama".

The recordings for the "Nanorama Production" were produced in the premises of Nanogate AG in Göttelborn. In particular, we would like to thank the following people for their commitment:

  • Michael Jung, COO
  • Markus Fritz, team leader Production
  • Dr. Rolf Danzebrink, Head of Materials & Innovations
  • Jennifer Ax
  • Dominik Eder
  • Melanie Hoffmann
  • Sarah Klotz
  • Hans-Werner Pieter
  • Sebastian Schmitt
  • Sabrina Zimmer


"Nanorama Production"