Acknowledgments "Nanorama Car Workshop"

The realization of the "Nanorama Car Workshop" was developed with the support of:

  • Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Ponto, BGHM
  • Dipl-Chem. Michael Rocker, Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Martin Gleißner, BGHM
  • Ingeborg Ambs, BGHM
  • Olaf Pfeiffer, BGHM
  • Roland Knopp, BGHM

The Innovation Society, St. Gallen, would like to thank the following persons and companies for making the photo and video recordings possible:

  • Autohaus Südstern - Bölle AG + Co KG, branch Singen, 78224 Singen, in particular Mr. Florian Steinborn, Mr. Georg Hofmeier as well as all mechatronics specialists involved
  • Matthias Nickel, BGHM

"Nanorama Car Workshop" (German)