The Nanorama - E-Learning Tool

A "nanorama" is a word creation from "nano" and "panorama". It is a novel E-Learning tool in which the user enters a virtual room in which he can move and explore workplace situations. The 360° panorama shows products, materials and occupational situations which deal with nanomaterials and technologies in the respective industry and in every-day workplace areas. It focuses on the use of nanomaterials as well as on the appropriate workplace safety measures when handling nanomaterials. The goal of the “game” is to find all situations and to answer the questions which appear when clicking on the individual situations. Three different interactions are possible: 1. multiple-choice questions, 2. "traffic light" questions, and 3. information windows.

"Nanorama Construction" (German)                 


"Nanorama Laboratory" (German)               


"Nanorama Laboratory" (English)               


"Nanorama Car Workshop" (German)


"Nanorama Textile" (German)               


"Nanorama Production" (German)       


"Nanorama Production" (English)      


Further information:

  • "Nanorama Loft" of the Swiss Nano-Cube about nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in consumer products. (in German)