• "Nanorama Production"

    "Nanorama Production" - in cooperation with BG RCI

    Safety while manufacturing and processing nanomaterials

  • "Nanorama Laboratory"

    "Nanorama Laboratory" - in cooperation with BG RCI

    Safeguards and expositions when working with nanomaterials

  • "Nanorama Textile"

    "Nanorama Textile" - BG ETEM (in German)

    Handling of Nanomaterials in the textile production and finishing

  • "Nanorama Car Workshop"

    "Nanorama Car Workshop" - in cooperation with BGHM (in German)

    Safe handling of nanomaterials in car workshops

  • "Nanorama Construction"

    "Nanorama Construction" - BG BAU (in German)

    Where are nanotechnologies used on-site?

Discover nanoramas

"Nanoramas" - interactive tools about the safe handling of nanomaterials:


"Nanorama Laboratory"


"Nanorama Production"





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