Goals of the DGUV-Nano-Portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials"

Photo courtesy of Prof. Hofmann, EPFL
Photo courtesy of Prof. Hofmann, EPFL

The Nano-Portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" is the result of a project supported by the DGUV. It extends the knowledge about occupational safety and health in the fields of nanomaterials / nanotechnologies and serves as a basis for qualification and information. With the development of the portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" a key commitment of the DGUV position paper (Positionspapier) Responsible Use of Nanomaterials (DGUV, Positionspapier 2010) is implemented. The following areas are at the forefront:

  • Awareness of prevention and safety experts in the safe handling of nanomaterials
  • Qualification of employees in laboratories and companies
  • Presentation of practical protective measures and requirements for safe workplaces
  • Description of nanomaterials and products and possible effects on health
  • Provision of basic information on risk assessment
  • Support and advice to employers and executives

The Nano-Portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" is aimed at prevention and safety experts. However, it should also address employees without specific technical knowledge and convey simple instructions with several industry-specific E-Learning Tools ("Nanorama"). The nano-portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" consists of an informative website and several so-called "Nanorama” (two of them available in English).